Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yassou, y'all. User name explanation: hello, macaroni, and telephone are currently the only greek words I know. Check back for posts and pictures. I leave in 3 days!


Casey Jayne said...

i read it "hello, macaronite lephone",
guess i'm just stupid. But thats old news.

Cj said...

hey, i havent heard from you and i lost your number for over there. iam kinda worried because i heard on the radio about all the fires over there... so as soon as you see this please call me... i called your parents already and left a message with them... soooooo yeah... i hope you're ok. =-(

2000 said...

I am a 49 year old first time blogger who also likes red wine and college girls from Rody in who know how to get out of a well w/ a goat. I would have "blogged" earlier but I thought you were " Roasty Toasty", Glad to hear you are macaroni.

Magalina said...


everything is kosher.

uncle bob,
hahaha. hi.