Friday, November 16, 2007

Charlotte's sister comes tomorrow, so we'll probably take her to the usual places [the wine bar, the margarita club, the beach, Rhodes City]. Charlotte is thinking about renting a car too, so maybe we'll drive around the island. Margot is also coming to visit us the week after that. Somewhere in there I will have to find time to write my 2 papers. I can't believe I'm in the final stretch of my stay. I got a card from my mom today, with some pictures of the Ya-Ya christmas card photo shoot, that was nice :) Last night we had a white trash/country western party, that was pretty fun. Jen and Becky have a theme party every Wednesday. So far we've had a gangster party, halloween party, a pirate party & this last one. I got to take a hot shower today! That was nice.
Oh! And I ate an apple with peanut butter the other day. I didn't even gag!
Some more pictures: me & charlotte after being so bored we drew all over each other with marker, a boat in turkey, me on a turkish playground, me on a random moped annnnd me with the kitty we sort of adopted. Charlotte and I call her Peanut Butter.


Noah said...

your fun. and that kitten is cute

Danielle_Marie said...

gosh I can't wait to see you.
Adopted kittens are fun.
mmmm PB and apples.
Broccoli is still evil though.