Monday, November 19, 2007

Elias is here for a few days. He rented a van & drove us around the island yesterday, it was really beautiful. The drive there reminded me of ocean drive. We went to this old castle overlooking the ocean and a couple of islands; then had dinner at a restaurant in the town where he was born. He also took us by a winery and we got to sample wine, [the best I've had since I've been here], and watch them bottle it.

The weather has been really strange. Usually there will be a thunderstorm in the morning, then it'll be sort of sunny for awhile, but as soon as the sun goes down, sporadic thunderstorms come back. We have what seems like a lot of work due in the upcoming 2 weeks or so-but I know it's just because they've hardly given us any all semester. I won't say how much I have to do in case Danielle is reading this, because her skull would probably explode in jealousy. My dad is painting my room right now, and apparently I'm getting a new carpet too. Probably gray, so it won't show very much dirt [and because Dad tells me it's impossible to match blue walls with a blue carpet].
Pictures! From the castle we went to, me sitting on the wall, Nick at the top, a guy bottling wine

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Shannon said...

gurllllll come here so i can like. SEE YOU OR SOMETHING lolduh
&srsly what is up with the semester ending. WE'RE SO CLOSE TO GRADUATING, I THINK I'LL JUST GO DIE NOW ^_^