Thursday, September 13, 2007

camera help

The other day I was taking pictures in our little common room & all of a sudden my camera lens started zooming in and out, but wouldn't go fully in [like it does when I turn it off]. Now here's what happens: I turn the camera on. The lens zooms in and out but won't fully go in. The screen is black and says Access. After the lens zooms in and out a bit, it says "Turn the power off, then on again." I do that, but it doesn't help. The screen stays black and the lens won't go in completely. I thought it was because the battery was dead but it's not. I can look at pictures already on my camera and put them on my computer but I can't take any pictures and pushing any of the other buttons doesn't do anything. I have a Sony Cybershot, 8.1 megapixels but I can't remember anything else about it because I don't have it with me.

Can anyone tell me how I might fix this?

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Danielle_Marie said...

oh man. Not good!
My first guess would have been the battery as well.
Have you been ABSOLUTELY careful with it? did you ever drop it, even a little bit, or hit it against something? Does it make any weird noises when the lens is going all wacky?
There could be some sand or big dust around the lens area where it comes in and out. You have been going to ancient places in Greece.
Try taking a q-tip and getting the cotton just a LITTLE wet. And turn on your camera, when the lens comes out try and stick some of the cotton in there and try and clean it. Don't try and stick the whole cotton head in there, because obviously it does not fit in that much tiny space.
If that doesn't work, I still think it might be sand or dirt, and it'd have to cleaned professionally. :(