Sunday, September 23, 2007

from Rhode Island to Rhodes Island

We're finally here. Our apartment/room is nice enough. We have a balcony, a tiny bathroom and a little kitchen area, but no oven so we're a little limited as to what we can cook. They give us groceries once a week of bread, meat, cheese, cups, cereal, milk, juice, and a giant jar of nutella, naturally.

We have internet, but it's two blocks away in a room. It's literally just a room on the street with tables and chairs and a wireless connection. Strange.

It's so nice to not be living out of a suitcase.

A bunch of us went to the beach today. It's rocky, but really nice, and literally about 2 minutes from our house.

I'm sort of sick right now, but Tylenol cold & sinus is keeping me functioning.

I thought I had time to write a longer entry, but I just realized I should be eating dinner in about 4 minutes, so I guess not.

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Shannon said...

i'd probably live on the bread and cheese the whole time there. people should never have bread and cheese around me.
it goes 'hey shannon eat me' and i'm all 'no way duder, someone else might want to eat you!' then it FLIES INTO MY MOUTH and i scream mildly. 'nooooooooo'

pls2b getting better with that cold