Sunday, September 9, 2007

I kept forgetting to mention this

We've seen a million ruins of temples, villas, sheilds, gravestones, public baths, statues, tombs of Macedonian Kings, incredibly intricate mosaic floors, gold wreaths, jewelry, vases, things that were left in the graves, theatres with their original seats still intact, but this was by far the coolest: we saw the theatre where King Philip II was murdered by his general's, which is THE SAME PLACE where Alexander the Great was made King.
HOW COOL IS THAT. Seriously.
P.S. Ancient Greeks used to punish men who cheated on their wives by removing their hair downstairs and putting a radish up their bum. Who knew?


Shannon said...

o magpieeee. i miss yew. i'm glad you're having fun and seeing cool thangs.
i will have to keep in mind to shove radishes up all cheater-men's butts when i meet one. and claim it's ok because it's greek. rofl <3

Danielle_Marie said...

Hiiii! I just wanted to say hi & that I'm glad you're having such a good time. I'm excited for you, and kind of jealous haha. You have no idea how stressed out I am this year at school already. haha you'd be getting LOTS of IM's if you were here. ANYWAY, I miss you, stay safe, stay away from the smelly europeans, I know how you like smelly boys. <3